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May 20
Welcome to Bhaagya Amusement Park!

Dive into Fun at Harmony Water World: Ballary’s Premier Amusement Park! Nestled just 10 kilometers from the bustling city of Ballary, Karnataka, Bhaagya Amusement Park is the newest and largest destination for endless fun and excitement. This vibrant amusement park, brimming with exhilarating water rides, promises a refreshing escape for all ages. Entry Fees and […]

Sep 15
Go Green! with eco-friendly Ganesh Idols

Using eco-friendly Ganesha idols is a wonderful way to celebrate the festival while also being environmentally conscious. Here are some tips on how to incorporate eco-friendliness into your Ganesha celebration: By incorporating these eco-friendly practices into your Ganesha celebration, you can show your love and devotion to the deity while also demonstrating your commitment to […]

Aug 16
Contact us is an innovative search and information app designed to cater to your local needs. It acts as your go-to resource for exploring a myriad of local businesses, services, and attractions. With, you can quickly access essential information about nearby restaurants, shops, healthcare facilities, and more. This app is meticulously curated to provide you […]